With Friends Like These...

Let's see -- I have a number of friends that exists somewhere on the WWW. There's:

Chad Childers · the Internet's resident cannibal
Jeff Marraccini · the King of Geeks
Jim Hoxsey · the Knight of Geeks
Iain O'Cain · Web Evangelist At Large
Steve Simmons · An employee of First Virtual these days
Paul Haas · Another First Virtual employee
Ed Vielmetti · Yet another First Virtual employee (gak!)
Eric Kimminau · A DOS God, at SGI?! Whoa!
Amanda Robinson · no, I didn't forget to put you in
Bryan O'Connor · what a COOL last name he has!
Suzanna Haynie · will have to hit Atlanta to see you again
Brian Leach · and him too... he's working on cool PDA technology
John Lodden · my personal Internet provider
Dave Gruber · OS/2 and NT just don't mix
Steve Ferguson · Maintains bofh.mi.org -- be deferential to him
Lance Sloan · X.400 is his life... ewww!
Steve Lodin · a former virtual co-worker
Christopher Davis · does 1/2 of everything for kei.com
Helen Trillian Rose · does the other 1/2 of everything
Allen Leibowitz · a sharp firewalls consultant
Bolo · a true Mad Scientist of computing
Daryl Cantrell · doesn't say much since he left for California
Daniel Cantrell · doesn't say much either -- how discouraging
Sarah Granger · yet another defector to California
Mark Wagnon · Even Deacons can go to California, believe it or not!
Alan Terlep · don't let this man Alanize you!
Dawn Endico · we'll always have Paris
Linda Bangert · and we'll always have Paris, too
Melissa Owsley · She can cook for me /*laughs*/
Andrea Tanner · ...and she can clean for me /*more laughs*/
Jamie Downs · yet another Mad Scientist on the loose
JT Vogt · the Large Furry Marsupial
Ken Fox · a sharp programmer at Ford
B. Gabriel Helou · Truly, One Hell Of A Guy
Mike Wayne · Owner of Msen, a quality ISP
Paul Southworth · Manager of CICNet, another quality ISP
Frank Rizzo · I wish I had an O2 at home!
Mike Hammond · geez, now he has all these people working for him!
Troy Wollenslegel · he came... from Michigan Tech!
Jason Wright · so did he, for that matter
Kathy Becker · congratulations on the new job!
Les Jenkins · Les's Place has gone Anime!
Marty Lyons · from managing AOL's networks to bigger things...
Owen Medd · primary architect behind CareerSite
Tracey Clemens · cool, now I can rm that silly sound byte
Sharan Kalwani · he doesn't need any more t-shirts!
Shane Cook · the classic Sensuous Dirty Old Man
Sharon Myers · congratulate her on her new place
Steven Schultz · someday, I will actually have to meet him
Becki Kain · definitely the AlphaFemale
Neal Probert · another Ford escapee

So, you want *me* to summon up the strength to fire up my favorite editor and add you to this august list of people? First, I need to know your real name, email address, and cool URL:

_____ Your name _________

_____ Email address _____

_____ URL _______________

Now, why should I care to take a look at this? Sell me on the idea: