Mike O'Connor: The Man, The Myth, The Mouth

Abuse me as you will...

I'm a Technical Analyst for Silicon Graphics, a hugely successful provider of high-performance computing systems, so I can withstand your strongest onslaughts. Go ahead, just try to:

...but I DO fight back!

I will wreak havoc on your system... just ask my friends! How? Just watch me:

You'd better watch it -- you never know where I may be, guzzling a Mountain Dew, playing NBA Hangtime® at your local arcade, or hacking perl or reading Usenet news on a machine near you. Don't think I won't be around. Despite the lousy weather in Michigan, I drive really fast, and am a recovering sysadmin with a bad attitude! My co-workers refer to me as the Monk Of Mischief.

"Mike is Part-Slug" Disclaimers Apply: My home page is about at the same state it was when I created it in 1993. It's meant to be informative and silly, simple and fast, not to win any awards or seriously offend anyone. At least Doctor HTML thinks it's ok. You may find more interesting tidbits by going through Hotbot, my favorite search engine these days, or the more hierarchical Yahoo!

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